IT SERV bases its development strategy on establishing strategic and sustainable partnerships with local and international players in its fields of expertise.

The established partnerships enable IT SERV:
On the one hand: to constitute a strong base of experts and consultants in order to meet the current and future needs of its clients.
On the other hand: to get to new markets and to carry out, in collaboration with its partners, projects and missions requiring additional expertise and / or significant staff.
During the last eight years, several missions have been carried out within the framework of the partnership agreements established by IT SERV and have given full satisfaction to its customers.
These are some of our partners: AMC Ernst & Young, CLOMBUS Consulting, Talan, Discovery Informatique, Cynapsys, NG Trend,…
IT SERV is attentive to any partnership proposal, whether with local or international actors. The partnership can be limited to a particular project or a more global collaboration on a specific activity and / or a country or a region. The basic rules of IT SERV in a partnership are: a “win-win” formula, transparency, reciprocity and commitments respect.